S.N. International Manpower Supplies Pvt. Ltd. Is a leading professional manpower agency having government approved License No. 490/061/62. This company has been providing service to well known companies meeting varieties of Nepali worker’s recruitments. We proudly say that we are professionally able to fulfill the needs and recruitments of the clients and have successfully met their demands with the efficient assistance of our highly qualified team of consultants and specialized trained staffs.

Our head office is in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal and we are associated with experienced personnel all over the country. Our mission has always been to offer quality service to our foreign parties as well as to our valuable clients. We prove that our clients always remember us for our placement in good job as per their capacity. Right selection of employee to the foreign companies and appropriate placement for clients through our bridge in our guarantee.


  • To provide and recruit skilled, semi-skilled and sincere manpower to a foreign employment company.
  • To provide detail information about employment opportunities abroad.
  • To provide job opportunities to Nepalese youths in a foreign country permitted by the Nepal Government.

Why Nepalese Manpower?

Nepalese are polite, hardworking, experienced, honest and competent. Besides, the hiring cost of Nepalese manpower is lower as compared to other countries.

Nepalese manpower is that they can work in any climatic conditions besides, the wide choice ranging from skilled to unskilled, semi-skilled to experienced workers and professionals to experts. Nepalese workers are:

  • Honest and are committed to their duties and responsibilities.
  • Comparatively more cost effective and cost is lower.
  • Available in all categories, ranging from unskilled to skilled and experts Laborious.